Integrity and Transparency are the foundation of our firm. Working with our clients we manage your assets in separate accounts so that you can set your own strategy based on your needs and goals.



We believe if you don't lose it, you don't have to take excessive risk to make it back.  By making prudent investments designed to exceed the  S & P 500 benchmark, with the least amount of downside risk, we produce returns that beat 85% of all asset managers.

We also manage commercial properties to drive better cap rates and more bottom line profits.


Managing an estate requires knowledge of securities, real estate, accounting & bill payment, care provider management  and multiple other skills as well as an understanding of the State Probate Code to assure the assets of the estate are managed as specified in the Trust document and in compliance with the law. It also requires capacity. If a person is too mentally or physically incapacitated to manage their estate, our team has the requisite expertise to manage all of your estate.

California TRUST CO.

 Earning Your Trust Every day sm