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Our commitment to our clients is the foundation on which our company is built. Thousands of employees and billions in revenue do not make a company more ethical, as we have learned from the financial crisis and bailouts. What should matter to you is how a company treats You, Your family and Your Business and the results it produces. Our commitment is a must-read for anyone who is seriously considering us as their adviser. (To return to another page please go to the bottom navigation).

Our Commitment.
​We Will:
1. Act In Your Best Interest - The Fiduciary Standard. Any advice and recommendations provided will be in your best interest, period. Not because we are legally obligated to. Not because it works well as a business model, simply because it is the right thing to do. Each of our remaining goals and needs align with our first and foremost guiding principle.
2. Follow a Fiduciary Duty Standard of Care - Pursuant to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and the California Probate Code, each advisor will follow a Fiduciary Standard of care. This is the highest legal duty of care for your welfare, in contrast to the less stringent "suitability standard" that differentiates us from other asset managers. For a definition of the two standards please click here
3. Deliver Attentive, Personalized Service - You deserve a high level of personal attention. We will get to know you and learn what is important to you. Developing personalized insight is key to providing appropriate advice and service.
4. Leverage Our Proven Processes and Consultative Approach - Utilize our systems and the knowledge we have in our teams for your benefit.
5. Build Customized, Integrated Investment Plans - Every investment plan will be integrated into your unique strategy; personal situation; and willingness, ability and need to accept risk. These plans are formalized within a written Policy Statement to ensure consistent adherence.
6. Achieve Goals And Experience Long-Term Success Through Strategic Advice - All advice will be goal or need oriented, whether the goals or needs are imminent or long term. Our job is to evaluate and make recommendations for achieving these goals and needs, as well as to fit each independent objective into the context of achieving an overall investment and lifestyle plan. 
7. Offer A Team For Every Client - You benefit from a team of professionals. Using in-house expertise or carefully selected professional relationships as warranted, we will offer a range of resources to help you make sound investment and lifestyle decisions.
​8. Manage Your Team Well - Bring together the people for the job. Manage them with a clear message and expected results. Reward them for a job well done.
9. Focus On Professional Advice, Not On Products - Be client-centric, focus on delivering sound advice and targeted solutions. The only incentive we have in offering particular solutions is whether your best interest is served.
​10. Align Fee Structure with Your Best Interests - Align our interests and fees with your interests to meet our fiduciary obligation and maintain our financial strength.
11. Practice Full Disclosure and Seek Transparent Costs - Every potential conflict-of-interest, as well as any costs incurred should be fully disclosed and clearly explained. Give answers in plain English, with whatever level of detail you seek.
12. Utilize The Best People Irrespective of the Source - Seek the best information and ability to execute your wealth plan from any legitimate, qualified source without prejudice, bias or self-interest.
​13. Take Advantage of Research - While our advice should be straightforward and understandable, it should also be based on the latest, peer-reviewed research. We will help you to have the appropriate asset allocation between taxable versus non-tax, reduced tax and tax deferred investments that are best suited to your needs and goals.
14. Practice What We Preach - Invest our personal assets according to the same set of investment principles, and use the same or comparable securities, real estate, insurance or collectibles that we recommend to you.
​15. Produce Quantifiable Results - Say what we will do, do what we say and quantify the results