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California Trust's Partners

Attorneys, CPAs, Investment Advisors, Trustees, Family Offices, Insurance Brokers, Real Estate Brokers


California Trust works with skilled professionals, as part of a team, to deliver the very best results for our mutual client. By defining what each of us contributes, we work as a successful team under the direction of our client.


Our services are provided individually or fully depending on our client's need. If a directed approach is desired we work with investment advisors as a trustee. If we are to manage real estate we can act as the property manager, lender and broker. If asked to provide reliable income for a disabled person as part of a special needs trust or to create a defined benefit plan for retirement we can provide insurance services. For example, we work with skilled Trust & Estate attorneys to codify the Trustor's wishes and for representative payee and estate tax preparation we work with skilled CPAs.

The bottom line ...we have a high commitment to integrity in our relationships with advisors and clients. 

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