Your Family Trustee needs a trusted team to advise him or her. We work with your Attorney, CPA and other trusted advisers to assure that your Family Trustee has the support they need to avoid litigation and conflicts within your family.


California Trust Co. 's family trustee advisory helps Trustees to perform their duties in compliance with regulations and in compliance with the Trust document.


Being a family trustee or conservator is a challenge. One  of the most difficult tasks for a family trustee or conservator is making objective decisions, because being a family member means people often come with predetermined feelings about other family members. A good family trustee or conservator should be able to be objective, keep good records, spend money prudently, annually report  to  the  beneficiaries the trust asset performance  and  prepare  tax information for your CPA.  As a conservator caring for an incapacitated adult or

child means providing for their care and caring for their estate, both demanding tasks. The most  challenging task for most Family Trustees or Conservators is prudent wealth management of trust assets in keeping with the Trust and the State Probate Code.

We can help your trustee or conservator with those duties.

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